Now farewell, capital,
Farewell, my spring,
Already I can hear
Karelia yearning.
Fields and kitchen-gardens
Are green and peaceful,
The waters are still deep,
And the skies still pale.
And the marsh rusalka,
Mistress of those parts,
Gazes, sighing, up at
The bell-tower cross.
And the oriole, friend
Of my innocent days,
Has flown back from the south
And cries among the branches
That it's shameful to stay
Until May in the cities,
To stifle in theatres,
Grow bored on the islands.
But the oriole doesn't know,
Rusalka won't understand,
How lovely it is
Kissing him!
All the same, right now,
On the day's quiet slope,
I'm going. God's land,
Take me to you!


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