The stars have pierced the breast of breezy skies,
From craggy mountains mist begins to rise.
My thoughts salute the evening in this wise,
And at a gallop flies the steed of the world.

I look on earth Ч all blooms there like a rose.
I look on high Ч the gates of heaven close.
The silent universe questions seems to pose.
As a play, from the beginning, was burn the world.

You look Ч and opened flowers are fading there.
The thinking mind is turned to dust, 1 swear,
On one side it grows full, on the other bare,
And can't reveal its Inner secret world.

The universe was endless from the start,
But life was a moment saved, and kept apart.
From hand to hand life goes, from heart to heart,
We pass awayЧlong may you stay, O worldl

The clouds are scattered, and far away scraps fly.
Again the moon turns in her place on high.
But there is no Jalal, and Humai.
I don't bemoan my fate-long live the world.



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