"When, lost in thought..."
Твори О.С. Пушкіна.Переклад англійською мовою.> "When, lost in thought, I wander from the town..."




When, lost in thought, I wander from the town
And to the public cemetery come —
The railings, pillars, tombstones neat and pretty,
Beneath which rot the dead of all the city,
Packed side by side within the spongy sward
Like greedy guests about a sparse-set board,
The mausoleums of men of solid station,
The ugly ornament of third-rate masons,
And the inscriptions, graved in prose and verse,
Which all their virtues, service, ranks rehearse,
The doting cuckold marked by mourning cupids,
Pillars, robbed of their urns, forlornly fluted
Damp graves, awaiting with a weary yawn,
The tenants scheduled for tomorrow's mom —
I'm troubled by such thoughts of human folly
That I fall prey to spleen and melancholy
And want to spit and run... Yet how I love
On autumn evenings, when the sky above
Sleeps like the dead in solemn quietude,
To walk in the ancestral solitude
Of our poor village graveyard, where there's space
For simple tombstones, and the thief's whey face
Does not intrude to rob when night is drear,
But the good villager a passing prayer
Murmurs, and sighs as he goes by these stones,
Ancient and plain, with lichen overgrown,
And, in the place of urns and pyramids
Of noseless Muses, unkempt caryatids,
An oak-tree spreads o'er venerable graves
And rustles fluttering leaves...



Оригінал твору

Бібліотека ім. О. С. Пушкіна (м. Київ).
А.С. Пушкин. Полное собрание сочинений в десяти томах


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