"I loved you, and that love..."
Твори О.С. Пушкіна.Переклад англійською мовою.> "I loved you, and that love..."




I loved you, and that love, to die refusing,
May still — who knows! — be smouldering in my breast
Pray be not pained — believe me, of my choosing
I'd never have you troubled or distressed.
I loved you mutely, hopelessly and truly,
With shy yet fervent tenderness aglow;
Mine was a jealous passion and unruly...
May God grant that another will love you so!



Оригінал твору

Бібліотека ім. О. С. Пушкіна (м. Київ).
А.С. Пушкин. Полное собрание сочинений в десяти томах


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